The Puppet Boy of Warsaw



a novel by Eva Weaver

'Without the coat, nothing would have happened as it did'

So begins the story of the Puppet Boy of Warsaw, a young Jewish boy called Mika. The coat he inherits from his grandfather is a treasure trove of secret pockets, each revealing a family memory. In one pocket he finds a puppet that will change not only his life but also that of Max, a German soldier.Taking you from the tragedy of the Warsaw Ghetto, to the bitter cold of the Siberian gulags, The Puppet Boy of Warsaw is a heartbreaking novel that will appeal to anyone who loved The Book Thief or The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

‘Whenever you see an ordinary coat, think about what might linger in its folds, what memories might be hidden in its pockets…’

The Puppet Boy of Warsaw has been translated into eleven languages and been highly rated on Goodreads (4.1 out of 5 *)  


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Janusz Korczak memorial, Warsaw Jewish cemetery

‘A beautifully written story which I found hard to put down. Although the book deals with the horrific subject matter of the Holocaust and World War 2 it is done so in a sensitive way, focusing on the strong relationships between characters and their human kindness. Weaver's imaginative writing draws you straight back into this time and her characters are so engaging that it is easy to forge an emotional connection to them.

This story will capture your heart from start to finish and I would highly recommend it!’ Hannah A.

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